Kang Daniel Reveals How His Fans Helped Him Tell His “True Story” Through “PARANOIA”

He opened up about his latest track, “Paranoia”!

Kang Daniel shares how he finally felt comfortable enough to relay his true story through his music!

Kang Daniel recently sat down for an interview with iHeart Radio, where he talked about his latest comeback!

Among the questions asked about his comeback, Kang Daniel was asked to talk about his latest release, “Paranoia”!

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He began by sharing how “Paranoia” was written and released, simply because of his loving fans! Talking about his personal issues as well, he revealed he finally got the strength to tell his “true story” because of how his fans gave him love and support during his tough times.

Firstly, since last year, I released two albums; Cyan and Magenta. While promoting those tracks last year, I had become withdrawn within myself. I was worn out. So during that time, while promoting Cyan and Magenta, because my fans enjoyed it so much and cheered me on, I thought, “Ah, now I can tell really tell my own story.”

That’s how “Paranoia” came to be.

—Kang Daniel

He then talked about how important the song is to him!

This song is filled with my various emotions. It is my darkest… Can I say it’s like the darkest shadows of my inner self. I wanted to unravel this through my lyrics.

—Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel made his long-awaited comeback with the digital single “Paranoia”.

Watch him talk about his latest song here!

Kang Daniel