Kang Daniel Reveals Why He Enjoys Being Givenchy Beauty’s Brand Model

Who better than Kang Daniel as their model.

Popular K-Pop soloist, Kang Daniel posed with several Givenchy Beauty perfumes in his latest 1st Look pictorial. Along with the beautiful photos was an interview in where he discussed his thoughts on working with the beauty brand.

Since 2019, Kang Daniel has been an official brand model for Givenchy Beauty, modeling mainly for their makeup products, such as lipstick or foundations.

Kang Daniel | Givenchy Beauty (2019)

However, In the latest pictorial, Kang Daniel molded alongside various perfume products of the Givenchy Beauty brand.

Kang Daniel commented on his partnership and photoshoot for the Givenchy Beauty brand and claimed that it actually fitted his personal interest in perfumes.

I had fun because I have a lot of personal interest in perfume. I have a sensitive nose, to the point that when I see something for the first time, or try a new food, I notice its smell first. I liked the smell of this perfume so much that I talked about it non-stop in the dressing room and throughout filming.

— Kang Daniel

Finding the right perfume can be tough, but that wasn’t the case for Kang Daniel. Instead, Kang Daniel revealed which of the scent was his favorite and why it matched his personality so well:

I felt a sense of excitement from the scent. In particular, the green ‘Trouble-Fête’ was perfect for me. When I smelled it, it reminded me exactly of my personality. I seem like I would be very quiet and reserved, but in reality, when I’m with my friends, I have over-the-top reactions and can get really loud. I like that the perfume seemed to have these dual sides in it, so I personally liked it a lot.

— Kang Daniel

Much like the ‘Trouble-Fête’ perfume, Kang Daniel also has many sides to himself and fans are excited to see all of them in his upcoming comeback set to come out February 15 at 6 p.m. KST.

Kang Daniel