Kang Daniel Reveals Where He Finds Inspiration For His Music

He uses other sources of media for inspiration.

Kang Daniel recently worked with Cosmopolitan and held an interview about what he’s been up to lately, where he gets his inspiration from, and more.

Genderless models have become more popular in the beauty industry these days. Being the model for Givenchy, did you find this to be strange at first?

I never thought that I played a special role in blurring the lines between genders. These days it’s natural to respect the diversity. After hearing that I became a beauty model, my grandfather commented that he would have to buy a lipstick from the brand I was endorsing.

— Kang Daniel

As much as looking healthy, it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle. How are you spending your time during the pandemic?

I’ve always been a homebody so nothing’s really changed for me. If I was really able to stay at home for as long as I wanted, I would be able to stay at home for up to five years. There was a social experiment test going on to see how long someone could live in a one room that had a computer and food and I almost thought about applying for it. I’d like to try skydiving when the pandemic settles down. I was interested in doing in when the pandemic hit.

— Kang Daniel

You seem to have a lot of stories despite being a homebody. Most of the albums from your second mini album ‘MAGENTA’ were written by you. They say that musicians write lyrics through their own experiences.

Because I’m such a homebody, I haven’t had that many different experiences yet. If I were to talk about hardships and struggles, I could draw from my own experiences, but I am not good expressing things in an abstract manner.

— Kang Daniel

So instead of using my experiences, I tend to draw inspiration from movies or animation I think Netflix is the best window into the world.

— Kang Daniel

If you were to choose a word to describe yourself what would it be?

The sun or the moon. Truthfully, I don’t want to use a certain word to express who I am. Just as there is day and night, there are people that will listen to my music and there are those that will not. I want to be able to maintain my balance in any situation and show my never-changing image. I think this is the most important motto for me right now.

— Kang Daniel

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