Kang Daniel Reveals Why He Named His Latest Album “Yellow”

“…Because of the topics we discussed, I felt like it fit really well.”

Kang Daniel talked about his latest album Yellow, and shared what the title and color mean to him!

Kang Daniel sat down for an interview, where he talked about his career, 4 cats, and love for his fans!

He was then asked about his latest album titled “Yellow“, and was also asked why he decided on that name for the album!

The past albums you had the name Magenta, Cyan, and this one is Yellow. Why “Yellow”?

Kang Daniel shared that Yellow was an album he had been working on for quite some time, and he felt the color for the album was best identified as “Yellow”.

I had been working on Yellow for a long time. I thought about it this album a lot in the past year. Beginning with Cyan, then Magenta, and now Yellow. My perception of the color yellow; to me, had always been a bit negative, but [it] always had a double meaning because it also represented a new start, a new beginning.

Like twilight? So for the album, because of the topics we discussed, I felt like it fit really well.

—Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel released his fourth mini-album Yellow, with the title track “Antidote”.

Watch him talk about the album here!

Kang Daniel