Kang Daniel’s Lawyer Responds To Rumors Claiming Kang Daniel Visited Burning Sun With Seungri

He explained it in a statement.

Ever since Kang Daniel revealed that he is currently in disputes with his agency, rumors arose that Seungri initiated Kang Daniel’s decision to leave his company after introducing him to an investor from Hong Kong.

Kang Daniel was seen shopping in Hong Kong with his peers and a woman in her 40’s.


That same woman is a well known friend to BIGBANG‘s Seungri.


As Seungri and Kang Daniel’s friend appeared to be blossoming after the former visited the latter’s concert, netizens began wondering whether Kang Daniel’s recent label issues were connected with Seungri’s scandal.


However, Kang Daniel’s lawyer put those rumors to rest by clarifying that he never met Seungri separately for personal reasons and never set foot in Burning Sun before. He also emphasized that their meet at the concert was just as senior and junior of the same industry.

They are currently looking into the rumors and vow to take necessary action once everything has come to light.

“It’s not true at all. He’s never met up with Seungri separately or have gone to Burning Sun before.

From what I understand, (Wanna One) had a concert two times, and (Seungri) visited as their senior. It’s common for celebrities to attend other singers’ concerts.”

We’re currently looking into the rumors. Once we have everything organized, we will take legal or any other necessary measures.”

— Lawyer Sun Jong Moon


He concluded that it is difficult to reveal any information regarding Kang Daniel’s dispute with his agency, but they are doing their best to get him back to promoting normally.

“It’s difficult for us to respond to that question.

We are doing our best to ensure Kang Daniel can return to promoting his schedules normally.”

— Lawyer Sun Jong Moon