Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment Have Agreed To Settle Their Issues, Ending Their Legal Battle

It’s finally over.

Kang Daniel‘s legal dispute with LM Entertainment is finally over as both parties have agreed to cancel all lawsuits, and terminating their contractual agreement.

The Korea Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) officially announced on September 27 that the disputes over the contract termination and other issues between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment are over, as both sides have come to an agreement.

The decision was made between the two parties after KEMA helped mediate discussions between the two, trying to prevent any further unnecessary issues or any further damages due to their prolonged dispute.

LM Entertainment has agreed to accept Kang Daniel’s new agency, which will be a win-win for the entertainment industry.


On the same day, Kang Daniel’s side withdrew their request to terminate his contract with LM Entertainment, and LM Entertainment withdrew their objection to the injuction. With these withdrawals, the dispute has officially ended.

With this mediation, we have agreed that legally, there will be no objections or action taken regarding contracts. This includes any civil or criminal litigation, applications for dispute, and complaints.


Kang Daniel is currently promoting with his new agency, KONNECT Entertainment.

Source: Newsen

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