Kang Daniel’s Past Life Revealed Through Hypnosis, And His Stories Will Bring You To Tears

His past lives built who he is today.

Kang Daniel recently visited a hypnotist where he took a trip back in time to see what kind of lives he lived in the past.

The hypnotist took him deep into meditation where he discovered that he was once a man in his mid-30s named Wei In about 1,000 years ago. When the hypnotist began calling out his past name, Kang Daniel found out that he used to have a sister.

He ventured to his house, which was humongous! It turns out he was the older cousin to the king! Kang Daniel stood guard as a high general, surrounded by weapons that he used to protect the king and his castle.

The hypnotist then asked him to go back to a time that was important to him. Kang Daniel frowned as he initially couldn’t find the words.

He found himself in a castle where everyone was dead, and the King asked him for a favor.

Everyone in the castle is dead. I ran inside and the king asked for a favor.

I don’t think my younger sister is my own sister. He’s asking me to protect her. I think she’s his sister.

— Kang Daniel

The hypnotist then asked him to go to the time when Wei In dies. But his moment of death was much sooner than expected.

Wei In was escaping with the King’s sister, desperately running to get her to safety. But the only boat to cross the river wasn’t big enough to hold them both, so Wei In sacrificed himself to protect her. And thankfully, she lived.

I’m around the same age. I’m riding a horse. It was shot by an arrow.

Someone is sitting in front of me. It’s the younger sister. We’re riding towards a river. We’re running fast. There’s only one small boat. I put the younger sister on board.

I’m now running towards a mob of people coming after us. I got shot by an arrow in my neck. On my left neck.

— Kang Daniel

The hypnotist then asked Kang Daniel to come out of Wei In’s memories and find another past life – the life that inspired him to pursue a career in music.

Kang Daniel discovered that he was once a tawny owl! He loved soaring above the mountains just cooing along.

I’m in a mountain. I’m flying. I think I’m a tawny owl.

I just really like flying through the mountains.

— Kang Daniel

With such a heart-touching history, no wonder Kang Daniel is fearlessly loyal to his fans and soaring high in his career as an artist!

Check out Kang Daniel’s full past-lives story below:

Kang Daniel