Kang Daniel’s Focus Cam From “Produce 101 Season 2” Shoots Back Up To #1 On Naver TV

His popularity still runs strong in midst of “Produce X 101”.

Kang Daniel‘s focus cam during his “Get Ugly” performance onΒ Produce 101 Season 2 shot back up to #1 on Naver TV rank today and stayed on top for hours and hours!

kang daniel naver tv 1

The video is from over 2 years ago! But it shot up in views once again asΒ Produce X 101 focus cam videos have become popular.

In the focus cam, viewers are reminded of how Kang Daniel was able to finish at 1st place during the survival audition show thanks to his talents and visuals!


Fans are beyond completely amazed by how Kang Daniel’s popularity refuses to fizzle out!

What else would you expect from the King ofΒ Produce 101?!


Check out the legendary video below:

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