Kang Daniel Sets New Record By Selling Nearly 405,000 Albums At Off-Line Markets In Just 3 Days

This is the power of Kang Daniel!

Kang Daniel‘s solo debut album, “color on me”, was officially launched for off-line sales on July 29. Within just three days, Hanteo Charts revealed that he’s sold 404,896 albums!

He’s officially set a new record in Hanteo Charts history as the solo artist with the most albums sold within a week. He’s broken the previous record (that took a week) in just three days! That means his official stats for his first week of sales will have beaten the previous record by a landslide!


His album has also placed 2nd as the most sold album in all of 2019. This is a great feat for Kang Daniel as the overall chart includes groups, who naturally sell more than solo artists. However, Kang Daniel achieved 2nd place just by himself!

Kang Daniel and his fans will surely be celebrating during their upcoming fan signs that are scheduled to take place his month all throughout Asia!

Source: Osen

Kang Daniel