Kang Daniel Is Back Lit AF In His Hot Pink Outfit And Fans Are Rejoicing

Oh, how we’ve missed him so much.

Kang Daniel, who has finally returned to the world of K-Pop as a solo artist, is already charming the nation with his even more upgraded talent and visual.


At his new album show case, Kang Daniel rocked some vibrant outfits, including a hot pink suit, that made him shine brighter than ever before!


Kang Daniel shared his excitement to be back in the spotlight – especially after his long legal battle against his former agency LM Entertainment had him tied up for months. Now under whole new management, under his own agency KONNECT Entertainment, Kang Daniel is ready to take off and reach farther than ever before!


He pointed out that for his comeback, he tried to put together an album that would show all of his colors, including not only rapping, but singing and dancing as well.

I focused on sharing more of my singing than my rapping because I wanted to show my fans a side of me they haven’t seen yet. But the album includes a wide range of genres, including charismatic performance-heavy tracks like Wanna One’s ‘Energetic’.

— Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel also mentioned how he misses the former Wanna One members. As the last of the 11 members to return to the industry since the group’s disbandment in December 2018, Kang Daniel commented that while he does fear his solo flight might be good enough, he looks forward to improving and continuing to build his career as a stronger solo performer.

I do miss Wanna One members. I ended up being the last one to return from the group. During the time I was away, I tried to work on the aspects that I felt I lacked while I was a part of the group. The former Wanna One members were like my brothers. So without them, I’m somewhat afraid the stage will look empty – but I look forward to learning from these experiences and becoming a better performer overall.

— Kang Daniel


Fans are simply thrilled and overwhelmed to have Kang Daniel back on stage. They have waited patiently through Kang Daniel’s hiatus for this very moment. Kang Daniel and fans are both celebrating his successful re-debut as a solo artist and look forward to creating precious memories together during his promotions.


Watch Kang Daniel’s showcase performance of “What Are You Up To” here:

Source: iMBC

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