Kang Daniel Finally Got His “Revenge” During The “Street Woman Fighter” Finale, And Here’s The Hilarious Reason Why

It only took four years!

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When it comes to the editing and formatting from Mnet in its reality shows, there is no denying that there has been a lot of criticism from both fans and idols alike. It seems as if K-Pop soloist Kang Daniel recently got some revenge in the final of Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter, where he is the MC.

On October 26, Mnet broadcasted the final two episodes of Woman Fighter. They also announced the final rankings of the remaining four dance crews: HolyBang, Coca N Butter, HOOK, and LACHICA.

During the final, it was up to MC Kang Daniel to reveal the show’s winner between the two finalists HolyBang and HOOK.

Yet, when it was time to announce the rankings, Kang Daniel started with, “And the winner of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ is…” However, like any show, there was a lot of waiting for the real results to build up suspense with the added background music.

When it seemed like Kang Daniel was finally going to reveal the winners, the contestants and viewers couldn’t help but laugh as he instead said, “It will be revealed soon.”

Many fans have seen it as Kang Daniel taking “revenge” on Mnet as it was a scenario very similar to the soloists’ experience back in 2017 on Produce 101. In the final, he and Park Ji Hoon waited nervously for the announcement of the final winner.

Like on Street Woman Fighter, Produce 101 host BoA said the same line to the idols before announcing the winner. As they were waiting, BoA explained, “It will be revealed soon,” and then the show cut to a commercial break.

After the final, fans couldn’t hide how they felt about the moment on social media. Many felt relieved that Kang Daniel could laugh about it later on, and many thought it was the true act of “revenge.”

Despite the hardships many contestants went through, Kang Daniel proved that many idols came out of the show stronger! With his own company, solo career, and MC role, he finally got revenge, and it seemed sweet!

You can watch the whole comparison below.

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