Kang Daniel Set A Brand New Solo Artist Record With His Outstanding First Day Sales

Kang Daniel has a brand new record to his name!

With his highly-anticipated solo debut album now officially out, Kang Daniel has proven once again that he’s an unbeatable powerhouse and he has a brand new record to boot!


During the preorder period for his solo debut album, Color On Me, Kang Daniel had already recorded an impressive number of albums sold with over 450,000 copies sold. But that certainly wasn’t the end to his impressive numbers!


On July 30, one day after the album became available offline, he had officially set a brand new record. With the album selling an outstanding 342,218 copies, it not only topped Hanteo’s daily album chart but it also broke the one-day record for solo artists!


This record also put Kang Daniel at the no. 2 spot on the list of top-selling solo artists for both male and female artists in one week!


Congratulations Kang Daniel!

Source: Sports Seoul and Osen

Kang Daniel