Kang Daniel’s Solo Album Sales Rocket Past 1 Million Copies Only 1 Year After Debut

Kang Daniel has officially achieved the million seller title!

A little over a year since making his solo debut, Kang Daniel has already achieved one of the biggest milestones — becoming a million-seller!

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Revealing some very exciting news on August 7, KONNECT Entertainment announced, “Since Kang Daniel made his solo debut, his total album sales have surpassed 1 million copies.”

According to Hanteo Chart‘s data, as of August 6, Kang Daniel’s solo debut album Color on Me sold 472,811 copies since being released in July 2019 while CYAN — the first part of his three-part “color” series — recorded sales of 265,101. Meanwhile, his second-mini album MAGENTA, which was released on August 3, has already recorded sales of 273,486 copies as of 11:59 KST on August 6.

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With these three albums, Kang Daniel has officially surpassed the one-million milestone with cumulative sales reaching 1,011,380 copies on Hanteo Chart. While reaching million-seller status is already an incredibly impressive feat on its own, Kang Daniel did so after roughly one year!

What’s more, Hanteo Chart’s data is also showcasing Kang Daniel’s ever-growing power! His latest album MAGENTA has already broken CYAN‘s sales record and did so three days before completing the first-week album sales counting.

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Kang Daniel, meanwhile, is continuing his promotional activities for MAGENTA and the title track “Who U Are”.

Congratulations Kang Daniel!

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