Kang Daniel Reveals Why He Stopped B-boying After “Produce 101”

His new comeback, however, features his incredible b-boying skills after a long time!

Ever since his appearance on Produce 101 Season 2 where he placed first, Kang Daniel has been stealing hearts with his adorable eye-smile…

…and also with his incredible dancing skills!

Kang Daniel recently made his comeback with his first full-length album The Story and the title track “Upside Down”, where he showcased his incredible B-boying skills, much to the delight of his fans!

Kang Daniel | Konnect Entertainment

Kang Daniel, who hadn’t performed with his b-boying skills in a while, revealed that he found it very difficult to do B-boying like he used to because it’s been such a long time. He then also shared that he initially stopped B-boying because of the toll it took on his body, but was excited to show it to fans once again!

It was really hard because I haven’t practiced B-boying since I filmed Produce 101. I’ll be able to show it to you on the stage of TV music programs for the first time in a long time.

Although it leaves a lot of bruises and other marks on my body, I was proud because my fans liked it.

—Kang Daniel

| @daniel.k.here/Instagram

Check out his latest comeback song “Upside Down” here!

Source: The Korea Times

Kang Daniel