Kang Daniel Tests Positive For COVID-19

We hope he gets better soon!

Singer Kang Daniel has confirmed positive for COVID-19. KONNECT Entertainment announced on the official fan community, “Kang Daniel performed a PCR test before heading to ‘Summer Sonic’ and received a positive result”.

Previously, he received negative results on all the PCR tests taken from August 12-14. As a result, the agency predicted that he was infected during the stage rehearsal process that took place on August 15-16. 

Kang Daniel, who has received the third vaccine, has not shown any abnormal symptoms so far. He is currently in self-isolation and plans to stop all schedules and focus on recovery. Due to this, he will not participate in the SUMMER SONIC 2022 in Japan. He will also not be able to participate at the press conference for Mnet’s Street Man Fighter.

Source: osen

Kang Daniel