Here’s Why Kang Daniel Topping The Idol Chart 80 Weeks In A Row Is Impressive

Kang Daniel continues his streak for number 1!

Singer Kang Daniel has maintained the record of topping the Idol Chart for 80 consecutive weeks, beating top stars such as BTS’s Jimin and V.

Although BTS members have never fallen out of the Top 5, Kang Daniel has continued to hold his winning streak at number one.


Following Kang Daniel are Jimin (BTS, 60,243 votes), V (BTS, 49,084 votes), Jungkook (BTS, 19,400 votes), Jin (BTS, 15,444 votes).

Kang Daniel also took first place for the number of “likes” with 13,202 likes.

Recently, Kang Daniel took second place for September’s brand reputation rankings.

He is also currently releasing YouTube content called Colorful Daniel on the KONNECT Entertainment channel.

Watch the most current episode below!

Source: tvreport

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