Kang Daniel Makes an Unexpected Appearance on YTN News

“Why is Kang Daniel suddenly on the news?” – Fan

Kang Daniel recently made an unexpected appearance on YTN News on the topic of K-Pop stars and how they’ve been communicating with their fans in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

YTN News reported that K-Pop stars have been keeping in touch with their fans in all sorts of creative ways.

After their concerts were cancelled, K-Pop stars have been meeting up with their fans in all sorts of different ways.

– YTN News

Some of the ways include chatting through live broadcasts and videos, and that’s when Kang Daniel made an unexpected appearance.



As an example of how K-Pop stars have been talking to fans, the news showed footage of Kang Daniel filming something on TikTok for his fans.

As soon as fans saw this clip on the news, they responded in surprise with comments such as “That’s actually so adorable“, “I was watching the news when I was startled by this sudden clip“, and “Why is Kang Daniel suddenly on the news?

Not only are fans surprised that Kang Daniel was on the news in the first place, but they’re dying of laughter at the adorable footage they happened to use for all to see.

In addition to Kang Daniel, many K-Pop stars have been using digital media services to keep in touch with fans in creative ways.

Thanks to technology, there’s nothing that can stop idols from reaching their fans, even in the midst of COVID-19.

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