Kang Daniel Voted As The “#1 Best Idol” By Over 230,000 Korean Netizens

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Hundreds of thousands of Korean netizens voted for the #1 Best Idol for the first week of April, and Kang Daniel took the title with 232,428 votes!

Kang Daniel has been winning left and right with his latest promotion for “CYAN”, where he’s won multiple awards for his title track “2U”.

BEST IDOL released the final votes for the 1st week of April, showing that BTS‘s Jimin and V followed suit as 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Many of the other top named male idols made the top 10 list proving that the competition was fierce!

The voting for the 2nd week of April is currently ongoing, and as of right now, Kang Daniel still leads as the #1 Best Idol. Voting will continue until the end of this week, where the next #1 Best Idol will be named!

Will Kang Daniel continue on the streak as he does with many other rankings? DANITYs will have to get voting and find out next week!

Congratulations, King Daniel!

Source: Xports News and Best Idol

Kang Daniel