Kang Daniel To Work With Paul McCartney’s Photographer For First-Ever Art Book Release

Will you be purchasing one?

Singer Kang Daniel will be working with Paul McCartney’s personal photographer to create his first-ever art book.

KONNECT Entertainment revealed that his first art book NEVER STANDING STILL – IT’S TIME TO SHINE will begin pre-orders on October 30.

The story of Kang Daniel’s music and dreams, the passion and troubles of confronting reality in his twenties were all expressed like a movie. We focused on showing the Kang Daniel off stage.


They also released a teaser video for the art book to give a brief glimpse as to what it would look like.

The photos for this art book were taken by world famous photographer MJ Kim. Kim has worked with Paul McCartney as well as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Johnny Depp, Victoria Beckham, and other top celebrities.

| @gn_family/Twitter

The art book will be for sale from October 30 to November 11 and will begin to ship orders starting on December 28. For those that purchase an art book will be entered for a chance to have a video chat with Kang Daniel. The winners for this will be chosen on November 13.

| KONNECT Entertainment

Kang Daniel will reveal various aspects of himself that he has never shown before through his art book and carry a special message that crosses reality and unreality.

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