Kang Daniel’s Ban On South Korean Broadcasts To Be Finally Lifted

We may see him on shows soon!

Former WANNA ONE member and soloist Kang Daniel may finally be able to appear on South Korean broadcasts and variety shows!

Previously, Kang Daniel filed a lawsuit against his former company LM Entertainment, requesting a termination of his contract. The two parties were in a legal dispute even when Kang Daniel set up his own one-man agency and made his debut as a soloist.

Broadcasting officials were hesitant to ask Kang Daniel to appear on broadcasts and shows. In the past, the Korea Management Federation put out a warning against having contract with celebrities who were in a legal dispute with their agencies. Because of this, the idol received little to none broadcast offers.

To supplement fan’s wants, Kang Daniel found alternate ways to meet with his fans. He had how YouTube vlogs entitled “Colorful Daniel”. He also appeared on YouTuber’s channels, interviews overseas, and scheduled fan meeting across Asia.

On September 27, Kang Daniel’s dispute was settled. Now that the two were no longer in conflict, there have been reports that the singer immediately received offers to appear on TV programs. Kang Daniel will not be making an appearance anytime soon however due to his commitment to his overseas fan meetings. After those scheduled appearances, fans can expect to see Daniel on music programs and shows soon.

Source: Naver

Kang Daniel