Kang Daniel’s Wholesome Relationship With His Bodyguard Is Melting Fans’ Hearts

These two have such amazing chemistry!

A photo of Wanna One’s Kang Daniel and his bodyguard has been gaining attention from netizens for how friendly Kang Daniel is. In the photo, the idol was pretending to feed his bodyguard some jelly and the bodyguard was playing along with him.


After seeing the photo, netizens agreed that Kang Daniel has to be one of the friendliest and happiest idols of all time.

  • “One for me~ One for you~ And one for you~”
  • “That time he showed off his new dyed hair to the guard~ He’s so friendly and warm!”
  • “He also becomes friends really fast with this seniors and juniors through variety shows. He is really friendly. He once even showed his aegyo to ZICO when he was promoting as a unit.”
  • “Even in the mornings, he sits in the subway with a huge smile on his face lol. Our lovely guard protects Daniel and is really good to him!”
  • “He came out with my bias on a variety show and he seemed really friendly. He puts his arms around people when they talk and I don’t know why but that just makes me happy lol.”


In fact, Kang Daniel and this particular bodyguard are apparently known to be very close. The guard has been seen helping Kang Daniel with even small tasks such as wearing a headband and tie.


On one occasion, Kang Daniel proudly showed off his new hairdo to the same bodyguard, completely melting fans’ hearts with his cuteness.


He has also previously taken the time to look the bodyguard in the eye and thank him for always following Wanna One’s schedules and taking good care of them.


Even the way he looks at his guard seems to be filled with love.


It’s not hard to see why Kang Daniel is so affectionate towards this guard as he seems to be a very kind person and humorous person in general. He was once seen handing a fan some wet tissues at a fansign event when Kang Daniel was pretending to blow bubbles with his hand.


Fans have grown to love this bodyguard for the way he takes good care of Kang Daniel and have referred to him as a kind of “father figure”.

  • “That bodyguard really takes good care of Daniel. He helps with small details and is like a father to him lol.”
  • “I’m so thankful for this guard. He always plays along with Daniel and takes care of him. Daniel also thanked him during a live broadcast. He’s so sweet!”
  • “After seeing that security guard take care of Daniel more than once, I felt really thankful. Honestly, it’s probably not easy for him to do that.”
  • “Omg I love this bodyguard so much lol.”
  • “This guard is really really kind. He’s also really good to our members and he’s totally my favorite. He’s often in the fan pictures with big smiles on his face. I was so curious about him that I actually went to see him at the Bugs Concert lol. Daniel’s chemistry with that guard is so wholesome.”
  • “It’s so cute how the guard pretended to eat that squishy grape! It looks like a mom and dad playing along with a 3-year-old baby lol. I think Daniel has the power to make those around him like that.”


They’ve also fallen in love with Kang Daniel all over again for just how cute his behavior is.

  • “He’s so cute…”
  • “Seriously his body is huge but his personality is like an elementary school student~ Cutie! I’m telling you, he looks big but he’s still a baby inside~”
  • “Soooo cute.”
  • “Freaking cute Daniel.”
  • “There are people who are just attractive even if they don’t do anything and I think Daniel is exactly this style! I’m drawn in just by looking at him.”
  • “He’s truly a mystery.”
  • “Kang Daniel makes me feel happy.”
Source: Pann Nate

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