Kang Dong Won Releases Official Apology For Pro-Japanese Family History Controversy

In response to heavy scrutiny for trying to cover up his great grandfather’s pro-Japanese collaborative activities, Kang Dong Won has released an official apology.

Kang Dong Won was involved in a major controversy after a post on Max Movie‘s online community portal revealed his great-grandfather, Lee Jong Man, was involved in pro-Japanese activities during the 1930’s. Furthermore, Kang Dong Won had once called his activities “a form of art” in an interview in 2007, thereby upsetting many Koreans.

However, instead of addressing the situation and apologizing immediately, YG Entertainment tried to delete all evidence of this information from the Internet but was called out on it by a blogger who had received an email showing that Kang Dong Won himself had reported the post that shared the Max Movie post.

On March 5, Kang Dong Won released an official apology statement through YG Entertainment, where he expressed that he was very sorry for causing such a controversy, and explained that he didn’t know his great-grandfather had been involved in such activities at the time.

Here’s the full statement translated:

“Hello. This is Kang Dong Won.

First, I bow my head and apologize deeply for the trouble caused in regards to my great-grandfather.

I grew up hearing admirable stories of my great grandfather, ever since I was a child.

My grandmother was the descendant of an independence patriot, and so naturally, I was told admirable stories about my grandfather, and in 2007, I didn’t recognize the severity of my great grandfather’s erroneous actions.

I would like to deeply apologize once again.

This incident was confusing and very shocking to me. I now know I should have completely understood the situation, especially because it was regarding my family’s history, and that I needed time to do more research of related resources.

I apologize to those who were involved in our inappropriate reaction to this incident. Furthermore, I also apologize to everyone for not conveying my position in a timely manner.

I have always believed in rectifying history that has been portrayed incorrectly as a Korean citizen rather than as an actor, and I also believe that such a shameful incident should not be repeated.

Therefore, I truly feel incredibly shameful about this incident.

The fact that I didn’t understand my past correctly,

the fact that I caused a controversy with my immature response,

the fact that I didn’t respond with my statement sooner,

I feel strongly that it is all my fault.

I now know of my great grandfather’s shameful past.

I will be using this experience as an opportunity to learn more about our history and continue repenting.

I will practice whatever I can even if it makes a small difference.

Again, I truly apologize to all those who were inconvenienced by this incident.”

Kang Dong Won

Source: Xports News