Kang Ha Neul Is So Nice, He Practically Thanked The Guy That Hacked His Account

The hacker spammed Kang Ha Neul’s account with adult ads.

For those who love Kang Ha Neul, it’s pretty well-known that he’s a genuinely nice guy.

But in a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, he shared a story about the time he got hacked and took his angelic reputation to a whole new level.

According to Kang Ha Neul, he got spammed with phone calls back in 2017 about how his account was hacked and spammed with adult ads.

And when he tried to change his password, he couldn’t remember it because he hadn’t logged in for a while, so he deleted his posts and dealt with the aftermath.

But what he said to the hacker through a new post goes to prove that he’s actually a true angel in disguise.

Since there’s no point in getting angry over what already happened, I calmed down and posted something.

— Kang Ha Neul

Rather than criticizing the hacker, Kang Ha Neul practically thanked him for his good deed.

I posted, ‘You managed to change my password just a moment ago. I feel like you did this to help me remember the password that I was slowly forgetting.’

— Kang Ha Neul

Only Kang Ha Neul.

That must’ve caught even the hacker off guard!

Source: Insight