Former “Ulzzang Generation” Cast Member Talks About What Jung Joon Young Was Like In 2011

“Since then, he was a person who boasted about sleeping with women or one-night stands.”

Former Ulzzang Generation cast member, Kang Hyuk Min, who appeared on the program with Jung Joon Young for about 1 year talked about what he was like back then.

On March 25, Kang revealed a video titled, “Jung Joon Young in the eyes of Kang Hyuk Min,” on his Youtube channel. He stated that he decided to make the video due to the numerous questions asked about his relationship with Jung Joon Young since his scandal. The two had appeared on the program Ulzzang Generation in the past in 2011.


Kang stated that while he couldn’t tell everything about their relationship, he could tell his own opinion about Jung Joon Young and proceeded to claim that he seemed like a person who was crazy about women and sex.

The image of hyung (Jung Joon Young) in my head is a person who was crazy about women and sex. He was very promiscuous. I think it morbidly severe.

ㅡ Kang Hyuk Min


He continued to state that Jung would only say promiscuous things like “I drank with so-and-so last night and slept with so-and-so,” in their group chatroom and claimed that he couldn’t become close with people who said such things.

Maybe it’s because I have an older sister but I can’t become close with people who boast about sleeping with women or one-night stands.

ㅡ Kang Hyuk Min


He added that he always told the female cast members on Ulzzang Generation to watch out for Jung Joon Young.

On the other hand, he also confessed that he did not know about his hidden cam behavior and hoped that he would receive the appropriate punishment.

I hope he receives the proper punishment.

ㅡ Kang Hyuk Min


Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young was recently arrested and has appointed a former high-ranking prosecutor as his lawyer since.

Jung Joon Young Has Been Arrested


Watch Kang Hyuk Min’s video below:


Source: Kookmin Ilbo

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