Kang Ji Hwan’s Past Interview About Blacking Out Resurfaces In Light Of His Arrest

“I drink until I black out.”

Kang Ji Hwan‘s past interview about drinking alcohol and blacking out has been resurfacing in light of his arrest.

In 2009, Kang Ji Hwan filmed the movie 7th Grade Civil Servant with Kim Ha Neul. During an interview for the movie, he revealed his “drinking style” and confessed that he drinks all night until he blacks out.

I usually drink all night. I drink until I black out. One time, I couldn’t remember anything the next day and I was even getting cold sweats.

ㅡ Kang Ji Hwan


He even mentioned during the interview that he once shared 8 bottles of soju over 6 hours with a reporter.


Kang Ji Hwan was recently arrested at his home in Gwangju for sexually assaulting 2 women from his agency. He stated that he did not remember anything as he was drunk and the police are planning to question him today (July 10th).

Source: Sports Seoul