Kang Ji Hwan Admits He’s Guilty Of Rape And Sexual Assault, Apologizes To The Victims

He released an official apology.

After denying all recollection of the sexual assault case, actor Kang Ji Hwan has finally admitted that he’s guilty of all charges. He confessed his wrongs and apologized to the victims through an official statement released by his lawyers.

This is Kang Ji Hwan.

I admit guilt to all of the charges and bow my head in sincere apology to the victims who were greatly wronged by my actions that I cannot reverse.

I would also like to apologize to everyone who was offended by the recent events.

I will receive all of the punishment for my actions and live in atonement.

I am sorry.

— Kang Ji Hwan


Kang Ji Hwan was arrested on July 9 on charges of sexually assaulting two women. Kang Ji Hwan was drinking with two female staff members at his home. When the women went into a bedroom to sleep after drinking, Kang Ji Hwan entered the room and raped one of the women while he sexually harassed the other.


Kang Ji Hwan was currently starring in the drama series Joseon Survival, but he has since been removed and replaced by another actor.

Source: News1