Kang Jiyoung discusses her future plans in Japan

Previous member of KARA, Kang Jiyoung, sits down for an interview to discuss her future activities that she will set forth in Japan.

In an interview with the Japanese media on November 12th, Jiyoung, the ex-member of KARA, talked about her future plans in Japan. Jiyoung was questioned on how she felt about the language barrier that she faced while planning to work in Japan. She told the press that her director said, “You are perfectly fine the way you are now,” which made her feel more confident and comfortable.

Jiyoung mentioned that her Japanese has greatly improved, and that she is able to read more difficult words on her script. At the same time, Jiyoung promises that she will continue to work hard and improve her Japanese.

Jiyoung had previously taken a role in the Japanese drama Higanbana-Women’s Crime File and is currently working on the Japanese drama Hell Teacher Nube as well as the movie Assassination Classroom. Jiyoung also released a new photo album on November 13th called “Jiyoung’s Story, The Birth of Myself.”

Source: SportsSeoul