Kang Jiyoung Receives Backlash For Allegedly Posting About Koo Hara

“Looks like there’s some meaning behind that photo.”

Former KARA member Kang Jiyoung recently posted an image on her Instagram account that has been causing netizens to raise eyebrows.


The photo that was shared on the star’s Instagram story was of a popcorn maker bursting with popcorn.


Many netizens believed that her post referred to Koo Hara’s recent assault scandal, which has been a widely spread issue. They believed Kang Jiyoung was grabbing popcorn to “enjoy the show”. Some netizens speculated that the former KARA members may not have had the best relationship.

  • “Popcorn lol they must’ve had a bad relationship too”
  • “Doesn’t that mean she’s going to observe the situation while munching on popcorn?”
  • “The photo is so subtle”
  • “Looks like there’s some meaning behind that photo”


Shortly after, however, Kang Jiyoung’s Japanese agency made it clear that the image was not connected to Koo Hara’s scandal in any way.

“The photo has nothing to do with Koo Hara’s assault case. I’m completely taken aback. The two still keep in touch and when Koo Hara visits Japan, she contacts (Jiyoung) to meet.”

 Jiyoung’s Agency


Back in July, Kang Jiyoung mentioned in an interview that the KARA members maintained a good relationship with each other.

“We still get along very well. We never had any trouble. We have a good relationship. We even have a Kakao group chat. The members tell me I’m doing great. Hara comes to Japan often and has even released a single recently. When she tells me which hotel she’s staying at, I go there to visit her.”


Source: Etoday and Dispatch