Koo Hara Reveals Traumatic Photos Of The Injuries From Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Assault

“He began cursing and pushing me…”

Koo Hara, who is currently under investigation for her assault case involving her ex-boyfriend, has revealed the detailed story behind her assault case including images of the aftermath of the incident. The police are currently claiming that both parties were at fault, but the story seems to be different than it seems as Koo Hara released photos of her badly-bruised body.

“Koo Hara’s legs and feet after the incident.”

Her ex-boyfriend, who is known to be a hairdresser from Gangnam, continued to claim that the assault was one-sided.

“I’ve never once in my life ever laid a fist on anyone before, especially on a woman. If Koo Hara was bruised, it was only due to the physical contact made as I tried to calm her down when she was hitting and scratching me.

It was not caused by a direct blow or other form of violence from me. I can swear by this.”

 Koo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend

Koo Hara claims differently. Dispatch revealed that the problem began days before when Koo Hara had a lunch date with her manager and a male industry acquaintance on the 10th. However, she told her ex-boyfriend that she only had lunch with her manager.

Her ex-boyfriend later found out that the male acquaintance was also at lunch and got angry with her for lying to him. Koo Hara visited him on the afternoon of the 12th, where she explained the situation, but he asked her to leave.

Koo Hara explained that she “lied” in order to avoid unnecessary conflict with her ex-boyfriend, who was extremely sensitive towards any male friends of hers.

“He’s usually very good to me. He’s caring. But whenever any guys come up, we fight. If I get a call from a close colleague or oppa, he becomes scary. He says things that shouldn’t be said. I didn’t want to fight (because of those things). That’s why I didn’t tell him if there were guys at a gathering. It was the same that day. I didn’t want to cause any trouble.”

 Koo Hara

Then on the night of the 13th, Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend came to her house. Koo Hara’s roommate revealed that the ex-boyfriend came into their home unauthorized and intoxicated. Hara, who was sleeping in her roommate’s room at the time, was woken up by the ex-boyfriend who kicked her awake.

“Hara suggested that we sleep together that night. I woke up at the sound of the front door (opening). The ex-boyfriend came into my room. I pretended to be asleep. He said to Hara, ‘Are you seriously able to sleep now?’ and kicked her. He sounded like he was intoxicated.”

 Koo Hara’s Roommate

Koo Hara took her boyfriend out of her roommate’s room, where they began arguing. The argument soon turned violent as the ex-boyfriend began assaulting her by grabbing her hair and throwing her around. Hara fought back.

“He began cursing and pushing me. I pushed him back. The physical fight began after I said, ‘Who are you to push me and curse at me like that?’

He grabbed my hair and swung my head around. He pushed me into a white board and threw my air purifier. That’s when I scratched him. We fought hard and I was bruised…”

 Koo Hara

“I heard him leave so I immediately went into Hara’s room. The white board was on the floor and the door was also cracked. The air purifier was (partially) broken.

Hara usually ties her hair when she sleeps. It was tied when she was in my room. But her hair was lose and her arms and legs were swollen and scratched. She said her jaw was hurting as well.”

 Koo Hara’s Roommate

Her ex-boyfriend began threatening her as he left her house. He threatened to ruin her career by releasing the details to Dispatch. In order to protect her future, she tried to talk it out with him.

“He said, ‘I’m going to f*ck you over. I’ll make sure your career is over.’

He said he had nothing to lose and even said he’d report it to Dispatch. I wanted to stop him in whatever way I could. So I sent him a text message asking to talk it over.”

 Koo Hara

Koo Hara tried her best to stop her ex-boyfriend from reporting the incident to the media, but he didn’t comply. The roommate revealed that the ex-boyfriend’s suspicions were simply unreasonable and that it had caused him to say extremely harsh things in the past as well.

“He was suspicious of even her work relationships. He always checked on her by asking, ‘Who is he?’ or ‘What are you doing?’ And if she went drinking, he would say harsh things. Disturbing things that are difficult to hear.

Hara would lie because she didn’t want to fight. The viscous cycle repeated itself. Actually, Hara had written a letter that day saying ‘Let’s end it here’…but he burned it (in the restroom).”

 Koo Hara’s Roommate

Dispatch released photos of doctors’ notes that Koo Hara received while getting her injuries treated. They listed uterus and vaginal bleeding, cervical facial lower extremity, multiple forearm sprains, seizures, and more.

Koo Hara also released multiple photos showing the many bruises on her legs, arms, hands and feet. She plans to report to the police station and submit the doctor’s notes she received from the gynecologist’s and orthopedic’s office as soon as she recovers from her injuries.

“Koo Hara’s arms and hands after the incident.”

After Dispatch’s interview with Koo Hara was released, the ex-boyfriend showed up to his police investigation. He was dressed in black as he covered his face with a hat and mask, but bandages and raw scratch marks from the incident could be seen on his face near the eyes, brows, and cheeks.

He claimed that the interview with Dispatch was untrue and that he will be setting the record straight through his police investigation.

“The information from Koo Hara’s interview with Dispatch isn’t true. I came to find justice against the details released from the gynecologist and the diagnosis.

The diagnosis itself is a lie. It’s different from the truth.”

— Ex-Boyfriend

Goo Hara vs. Ex-Boyfriend's Assault Case