Koo Hara Hospitalized After Accusations Of Assaulting Her Boyfriend

Her agency clarified the situation.

Koo Hara was admitted to the hospital after reports claimed she assaulted her boyfriend after he ended their relationship. Her agency confirmed that after talking with her family members, they found out that Koo Hara was hospitalized.

“After confirming the facts with her family, Koo Hara was hospitalized after the happenings with her boyfriend. She is currently getting treated.

It’s difficult to reveal why she was hospitalized because we have not yet gotten in contact with [Koo Hara] personally, and it is a matter of her private life.”

— Content Y


Although they initially denied commenting about why she was hospitalized, a staff from her agency revealed that it was due to the injuries sustained from the confrontation with her boyfriend.

“She’s hospitalized because of the injuries sustained from the incident.”

— Content Y


Once she is discharged from the hospital, she will be reporting to the police station for the investigation about the assault accusations. The label hasn’t received any updates on the case.

“After she recovers her health, she plans on getting investigated by the police. She will be investigated with a legal representative.

Our label hasn’t received any messages [from the police].”

— Content Y


Koo Hara’s boyfriend reported her to the police, claiming that she assaulted her after he visited her house to break up with her. Koo Hara countered, claiming that the boyfriend kicked her first. The police have deemed that it appears both parties were at fault for assault.

“We received a report from a man (27) claiming to be ‘Koo Hara’s boyfriend’ stating that he was assaulted by Koo Hara. We are currently investigating. We will conduct a thorough investigation by requesting Koo Hara and the man’s attendance as soon as possible.”

There seems to be no evidence of any weapons being used. The assault was scratching and twisting of the arm. It appears both of the party assaulted each other.”

— Gangnam Police

Goo Hara vs. Ex-Boyfriend's Assault Case