Dispatch Reveals The Truth Behind Koo Hara And Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Assault Case

Dispatch released specific details about the whole story.

Koo Hara and her ex-boyfriend are currently under investigation for their assault case, where both sides reportedly used violence against each other in a confrontation about ending their relationship.


What happened that night?

Dispatch reported an in-depth coverage about their case where they discovered that the ex-boyfriend visited Koo Hara’s villa around 12:30am. He was intoxicated at the time. He was able to enter her apartment without consent because he knew the passcode to her front door.

After entering the apartment, he barged into Koo Hara’s room, where she was sleeping at the time. He kicked Koo Hara wake and threw her household appliances, causing them to break.

A close friend of the couple revealed that the ex-boyfriend kicked her first and began breaking her appliances.

“[The ex-boyfriend] kicked Koo Hara first. It’s true that he broke her appliances and wreaked havoc in her apartment.”

— Close Friend

Koo Hara and her ex-boyfriend began arguing with each other. As their emotions became heated, the confrontation turned violent. Their argument turned to assault. Her ex-boyfriend got scratches on his face and Koo Hara’s body was bruised.

After the fight, the ex-boyfriend left her apartment and called the police. He claimed that he was assaulted by his girlfriend.

“I was assaulted unilaterally by my girlfriend.”

— Ex-Boyfriend

After receiving the call, police arrived at the scene around 3:30am. The ex-boyfriend continued to claim that he was assaulted one-sidedly. He showed them the scars on his face.

When questioned by the police, Koo Hara explained that the ex-boyfriend destoryed her house appliances and hit her too.

“[My ex-boyfriend] broke into my house unauthorized and broke my stuff. I have bruises because he hit me too.”

— Koo Hara


Who’s the boyfriend?

Dispatch also discovered that Koo Hara’s ex-boyfriend was a hair dresser from Gangnam, who is well known for his good looks and his skills in the beauty industry.

SBS FunE released a pixelated image of the alleged boyfriend.

The ex-boyfriend is reportedly the same age as Koo Hara, and the pair had appeared on a beauty show together earlier this year. They had gotten closer as they’re both interested in the fashion, beauty, and hair industry. The ex-boyfriend is also well known for his visuals, where he found fame as a doppelgänger to a popular actor in his 20’s.

Investigative netizens dug up information regarding the identity of the ex-boyfriend, and they speculate the hairstylist that appeared on her show Beauty Diary is the ex-boyfriend in question.


The Aftermath

The police obtained photos of the appliances broken by her ex-boyfriend. They are currently being investigated by the police for assault, but sources claim that the ex-boyfriend is also being investigated for invading Koo Hara’s house and destruction of property.

Koo Hara’s agency announced earlier that she was hospitalized for her injuries from their confrontation. She plans on recuperating first before reporting to the police station to continue with the investigation.

Goo Hara vs. Ex-Boyfriend's Assault Case