Kang Ki Young Might Be Making Waves In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” But Here’s Everything You’ve Already Seen Him Before

He’s a certified K-Drama legend!

The newest K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has taken the world by storm, warming the hearts of netizens with it’s important storylines and loveable characters. Following the story of the first autistic Korean attorney Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), netizens go on a journey following her struggles, triumphs, and falling in love.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Poster | Netflix

In particular, one character who has gained a lot of love is one of the senior members of Hanbada, and it’s Jung Myeong Seok who is played by Kang Ki Young. When Woo Young Woo first arrives, he seems reluctant to take her on and has a prejudice against her.

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Yet, throughout the series, he has taken Woo Young Woo under his wing, praising her and encouraging her when others might try to put her down.

| Netflix
| Netflix   

Seeing the development of the character, netizens have praised actor Kang Ki Young and he’s captured the hearts of viewers with his acting, personality, and those visuals.

Born in 1983, Kang Ki Young might be one of the older members of the show’s main cast, but he is still truly handsome AF. On Instagram, the actor treats his 700,000 followers to a mixture of cute, hot, and hilarious photos.

Actor Kang Ki Young | @booboo2injo/Instagram
| @booboo2injo/Instagram
| @booboo2injo/Instagram

He’s also been making everyone jealous with his photos alongside the rest of the cast.

Kang Ki Young and co-star Kang Tae Oh | @booboo2injo/Instagram
Kang Ki Young and some of the cast | @booboo2injo/Instagram

Yet, although everyone is obsessed with Kang Ki Wang now, the actor actually has over ten years of experience. In particular, he is known as basically the most iconic supporting actor in K-Dramas at the moment. If you watched Extraordinary Attorney Woo and thought Kang Ki Young looked familiar, then you’re right.

The actor started his career back in 2012, playing roles in huge K-Dramas. Throughout his career, Kang Ki Young has played some significant supporting roles, whether it was employee Jegal Gil in Come Back Mister (where he was truly sporting the 90s hair) or a sous chef in Oh My Ghost…

Kang Ki Young in “Come Back Mister” | SBS
Kang Ki Young in “Oh My Ghost” | tvN

Even iconic supporting roles in K-Dramas like While You Were Sleeping and I’m Not A Robot didn’t propel Kang Ki Young to the fame he’s seen during his role in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Kang Ki Young in “I’m Not A Robot” | MBC/YouTube 

He’s even played a KIS agent in My Secret Terrius and was loved by netizens playing a supportive and caring homeroom teacher in At Eighteen.

Kang Ki Young in “My Secret Terrius” | MBC/YouTube
Kang Ki Young in “At Eighteen” | JTBC/YouTube  

Yet, two of the most popular and well-known roles recently played by Kang Ki Young will probably make you think, “Oh, I remember now.”

Back in 2016, Kang Ki Young played the charismatic and fun-loving uncle in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. As an aspiring actor, Uncle Kim Dae Ho was always one of Bok Joo’s biggest supporters and was there to calm her dad down while working at their family’s chicken shop.


Similarly, a few years later, Kang Ki Young starred alongside Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? During the show, Kang Ki Young once again showcased his humorous side as Park Seo Joon’s best friend and vice chairman.

For many, it is one of Kang Ki Young’s most notable roles as his charisma shined in a sometimes serious K-Drama with some of the biggest names in the industry.


After rising to fame through the show, hopefully, netizens will go back and realize just how many iconic K-Dramas the actor has been in. Extraordinary Attorney Woo might also be the perfect way to elevate Kang Ki Young from one of the most iconic supporting actors to finally getting a lead role.

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