Popular Actor Speaks Up About Working Alongside “The Uncanny Counter” Co-Star Jo Byung Gyu In Spite Of Bullying Accusations

Here’s his true thoughts.

The Uncanny Counters is currently airing its second season. The first season did so well that it was renewed for a second run. Between seasons, one of the main leads Cho Byeong Kyu, got involved in school bullying allegations.

Cho Byeong Kyu in The Uncanny Counter

Cho Byeong Kyu has denied this time and time again, with the accuser continuing to persist in their allegations. As such, the case has not yet seen a clean end to it.

Actor Jo Byeong Kyu Challenged To 10 Trillion KRW Bet By Alleged Bullying Victim

As the accusations continue to hang in the air, his co-star Kang Ki Young was asked for his thoughts on participating in a drama with the risk of school violence hanging overhead.

Kang Ki Young in The Uncanny Counter.

Kang Ki Young had the perfect answer to the tricky question.

To be honest, if I was so concerned about that issue, I wouldn’t have acted in the drama in the first place. As a viewer who enjoyed the first season, I was waiting for the second one, and as they offered me the villain role, I only saw it for the drama that it was. I saw the chemistry between the actors and I tried hard not to think of anything else.

— Kang Ki Young

As a professional in the field, Kang Ki Young gave a praiseworthy answer.

Source: XSports News