[★VIDEO] Kang Minkyung revealed her worries for writing lyrics about her ex-boyfriend

Kang Minkyung of the talented and beautiful female vocal duo Davichi revealed her worries for writing a love song about her former relationship during a recent comeback showcase.

On the afternoon of January 21st, Davichi held their first showcase since debuting eight years ago, celebrating their comeback with mini-album DAVICHI HUGin Seoul. During the showcase, Kang Minkyung introduced the song “Two Women’s Room,” which she has written herself, and revealed her worries for it.

She mentioned, “My former boyfriend will know (that this is about us). I had a thought that he might call. While I was writing the lyrics, I worried that he might contact me.”

MC Ding Dong humorously pointed out that this must have been recent [the breakup], but Kang Minkyung denied it. Following the statement, Lee Haeri agreed that she thinks Kang Min Kyung’s former boyfriend would know that the song is about them.

Meanwhile, their highly anticipated new mini-album DAVICHI HUG was released on January 21st. As CJ E&M Music and MMO Entertainment stated on the 15th, “After changing agencies, more investment of immense scale and material were used than ever before. Davichi’s two title songs and the rest of the songs will show the public and the fans a new side of Davichi.” 

The duo has established an official fan club and will be holding future fanmeetings as well.

Take a look at the partial recording of the lovely ladies’ recent showcase singing to “Cry Again.”

Source: My Daily