Famous Korean National Athlete Declares She’d Rather Date BLACKPINK Than Find A Boyfriend…And Jennie Knows

She said queen rights.

National volleyball athlete, Kang So Hwee, is making rounds in South Korea for her talent and cute personality. In a recent interview, the volleyball player just had to bring up her love for BLACKPINK, who is currently South Korea’s hottest girl group.

When asked what BLACKPINK was to her, she only had one answer.

She immediately declared that BLACKPINK was just absolutely, the love of her life!

She fired out a one-liner that has become the talk of town.

I don’t want to have a boyfriend, I just want to have a date with BLACKPINK.

— Kang So Hwee

Relatable, very relatable. She also shared that recently, she had applied for BLACKPINK’s video call fan sign event that was released with their special photo book. So Hwee revealed that she had bought a total of 10 photo books to qualify.

Hers was a rare case though, as she shared that people mostly have to buy 30 copies or so to get chosen! Fate or luck, you guys can decide. So Hwee immediately told Jennie just how much she loves her!

It seems that Jennie recognized the athlete, as Jennie told the lucky fangirl that she had wanted to greet So Hwee, even before she was chosen through the video call event. So Hwee is known to be a huge BLINK, even though she is famous herself.

Jennie shared that the staff on site were going crazy over So Hwee, and that the staff likes So Hwee more than Jennie, to which So Hwee admitted that she was proud as it seems her existence had been already made known to her bias.

So Hwee ended off the interview with a video message to Jennie, saying that she hopes to have a meal with Jennie one day, no matter who ends up footing the bill!

The volleyball player also revealed in the interview that she ended up falling for Jennie as she was different from other female idols who have higher tone voices and pretty concepts. It seems as if she fell for Jennie’s husky voice and charismatic performances. Catch the full interview below.

Source: theqoo