Former Idol Kang Sung Hoon Under Fire For Joking About His Past Controversy On Instagram

“I can’t believe he’s joking about this.” – Fan

Former Sechs Kies member, Kang Sung Hoon, who is already known for having been a part of multiple controversies, came under fire once again for joking about this past controversy on Instagram.

Kang Sung Hoon took to his Instagram account to let fans know that he would be appearing on a radio show called TBS FM’s Joo Jin Woo At Night.

The problem is that he captioned the photo of himself with Joo Jin Woo as,

Don’t misunderstand. I’m in Sangam-dong.

– Kang Sung Hoon

This exact remark was made by Kang Sung Hoon back in 2018 during a live broadcast.

At the time, he remarked, “Don’t misunderstand. I’m in Sangam-dong. This isn’t some street market or something” when a truck selling fruits drove by while making a lot of noise.

And as soon as the footage got out, fans criticized Kang Sung Hoon for making a belittling remark.

So when Kang Sung Hoon posted the same remark on his Instagram account 2 years later, fans expressed their anger through comments such as “I can’t believe he’s joking about this after getting cussed out for saying it“, “Please be more careful“, and “Didn’t he reflect upon his actions?

TBS FM’s Joo Jin Woo At Night, Kim Sung Hoon expressed,

I’ve become the icon of controversies, but I want to clear up the misunderstanding. I think the disappointment and rage was even worse because of  how much fans loved me. I want to approach everyone in a natural and friendly way through multiple media from now on. I’ll make an effort to fix myself.

– Kim Sung Hoon

Source: Insight