Kang Sunghoon Officially Departs SECHSKIES And YG Entertainment 

Both YG and he made statements about it.

SECHSKIESKang Sunghoon ended his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment. He made a direct post on his official fanclub on January 1st. 


According to Sunghoon, he has canceled his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment last December 31. 

“I cannot predict my return to the industry due to my psychological health problems. I think that it is a big problem for the team to be delayed and agreed to terminate my exclusive contract last December 31. We intend to put down all activities as a skeptic. 

I am sorry that I have not been able to meet the expectation of the fans who have been waiting for me despite my hiatus. I am very sorry for the team that has been damaged by my involvement, but I am sincerely thankful for those who have support Kang Sunghoon as a member of SECHSKIES.” 

— Kang Sung Hoon


YG Entertainment also confirmed his statement and revealed that they have ended the contract after a discussion. 

“It’s true that we ended our exclusive contract with Kang Sunghoon after discussing with him. We hope everything works out well with him.”

— YG Entertainment 


Speculations once rose after Sunghoon initially unfollowed all members and Yang Hyunsuk online and was absent from the group’s season’s greetings. He has been in an indefinite hiatus from the group due to his recent involvement on fraud and embezzlement claims. 

Source: OSEN (1) and (2)
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