Kang Tae Oh And Park Eun Bin Showcase Their Playful Chemistry While Filming The Viral Scene From “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

The reality was very different from what netizens saw on screen!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a K-Drama that netizens worldwide have become rightly obsessed with since it started airing. Viewers have fallen in love with the heartwarming drama starring Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh. The story follows an attorney who has autism. It has been praised for breaking prejudices as the first drama featuring an autistic attorney.

Aside from the beautiful storyline, netizens have become obsessed with the blossoming relationship between Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) and Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh).

Kang Tae Oh (left) and Park Eun Bin (right) | Netflix

In particular, one scene recently sent the internet into meltdown, and it was when Woo Young Woo took her friend’s advice on how to see whether she liked Jun Ho. After dropping off some material at the office, the attorney asked if she was able to touch Jun Ho, adding, “I want to check whether or not I like you.”

| The Swoon/YouTube 
| The Swoon/YouTube   

At first, Jun Ho seems taken back but as his face erupts into a smile! Netizens worldwide instantly melted as he asked, “Can you only check by touching me?” 

Woo Young Woo then explained that she wanted to check her heart rate, and Jun Ho’s smile turned “sexy AF” as he started to walk toward her.

| The Swoon/YouTube
| The Swoon/YouTube

As he gets closer, it is clear that Woo Young Woo is taken back by what’s happening, but he continues to be a true gentleman. He also showed that he’s got enough charm to even make someone with an ice heart swoon.

So, your heart doesn’t race if we’re not touching? Even when you’re with me? That’s disappointing.

— Kang Tae Oh

| The Swoon/YouTube

Well, it seems like the reality of the filming was very different from what netizens saw on screen, but in the best way possible.

During the rehearsals, Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh read through the script like true professionals, gaining advice from the director and trying to find the best way to make the scene look as impactful as possible.

| ASTORY/YouTube

Yet, when it came to actually rehearsing the moment when Kang Tae Oh leaned in, Park Eun Bin clenched her fists and looked like she was going to punch her costar as he reeled back and started laughing.

| ASTORY/YouTube

As a truly spectacular actress, Park Eun Bin unsurprisingly wanted to put her own spin on the scene to make it more authentic. In particular, she explained that she could go down lower so that Kang Tae Oh’s face got even closer to hers.

I have good core strength so I can go down to here (Young Woo’s good core strength version). I am good at doing crunches.

— Park Eun Bin

While it was a good suggestion, the director hilariously asked, “Do you have to go that close…?”

| ASTORY/YouTube

Of course, the proximity between the two actors made the scene even more impactful. Yet, it didn’t stop the two having some fun on the first run-through. As Park Eun Bin pushed Kang Tae Oh away and started to run, the smiles on their faces were infectious as they showed their playfulness.

| ASTORY/YouTube

In the end, the scene looked perfect and showcased this emotional journey for both characters, but netizens couldn’t get over the chemistry between the two. For many, the leading actors show just how close everyone on the series is and the genuine friendship they have.

Yet, it wasn’t the only time the duo made netizens’ hearts melt with their interactions. During one of the scenes in the same episode, Woo Young Woo falls, and Jun Ho catches her like a true hero.

| Netflix

While rehearsing and filming the scene, each time Park Eun Bin gets up, Kang Tae Oh makes sure she is okay by getting rid of any dirt she might have picked up but being respectful by only doing it in certain places.

| ASTORY/YouTube

Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh have stolen the hearts of netizens with their chemistry both on and off-screen. The reality of the viral scene might look a lot different from the episode, but it was still heartwarming and showcased the duo’s friendship.

You can read more about the duo’s iconic scene together below.

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