Kang Tae Oh’s Scene In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Reminds Netizens Of Another Iconic Moment With Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Same love struggles, two different K-Dramas!

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Every time a new K-Drama sweeps the world and gains popularity from netizens worldwide, actors and actresses who might have been acting for years suddenly gain attention. In particular, one actor who has recently been shot to fame is Kang Tae Oh, who has been acting for almost ten years.

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The hottest K-Drama right now has to be Extraordinary Attorney Woo, and Kang Tae Oh plays the charming Lee Jun Ho.

Kang Tae Oh as Lee Jun Ho | Netflix

Although Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) suffers prejudice from the start of the series as Korea’s first autistic attorney, Lee Jun Ho instantly takes to her with his warm personality. Throughout the series, netizens have watched their relationship blossom, and it’s been heartwarming to watch.

In particular, the past few episodes have seen Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho have their first kiss and go on some adorable dates, including promoting the protection of whales.

Yet, after Woo Young Woo reveals that her dad saw them kiss and that he wants to meet Lee Jun Ho. Yet, Woo Young Woo revealed that she didn’t think it was necessary, adding, “But I won’t do it since we’re not dating yet.”


Lee Jun Ho seems very shocked by the revelation after he asks, “Wait, we’re not dating yet?” It is met by Woo Young Woo’s explanation that they hadn’t decided on anything yet, so the description of “dating” wasn’t applicable.


What was even cuter was, when the words came out of Woo Young Woo’s mouth, Lee Jun Ho got very pouty and explained that he wouldn’t do all her unique dates if they weren’t dating.

If we’re not dating, why would I protest to free the dolphins on my day off? But it’s not the most ideal activity to do on someone’s day off.

— Kang Tae Oh


Yet, as soon as the scene was released, netizens online quickly found it familiar. It seems as if Kang Tae Oh always plays characters who crave that desire to have official labels in relationships, and he gets very pouty if he doesn’t.

Last year, Kang Tae Oh starred in the JTBC K-Drama Run On where he played Lee Yeong Hwa. Although he wasn’t the lead, he gained attention for his blossoming relationship with Seo Dan Ah, played by Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung.

Kang Tae Oh and Sooyoung in “Run On”

One scene during the series saw Kang Tae Oh suffer the same fate, and netizens can’t get enough. During the show, Kang Tae Oh explains to Sooyoung, “Couples spend time…” but he’s cut off when she explains, “Who says we’re a couple?”

Like with Woo Young Woo, Lee Yeong Hwa got very upset at the response, adding, “Now, that really hurts me.” Even explaining that out of everything Seo Dan Ah had said to him, that those words hurt him the most.

Yet, Seo Dan Ah had a very different reaction to Woo Young Woo. Rather than thinking again about the definition, when asked what he was to her, Seo Dan Ah gently patted his cheek and revealed he was a “vending machine.”

When the second clip was posted, it was viewed almost half a million times with thousands of netizens sharing their thoughts. Most of them couldn’t get over the fact that Kang Tae Oh was suffering the same fate but in two different shows with two different actresses.

Hopefully, Woo Young Woo doesn’t make Lee Jun Ho go through as much for Kang Tae Oh to get his happy ending because Sooyoung didn’t half make him work for it! Yet, there’s something about pouty Kang Tae Oh that is enough to melt your heart.

You can read more about Kang Tae Oh and his previous work below.

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