(★UPDATE) Kangin Found, Releases Statement Talking About Assault Scandal

Kangin was almost arrested when early reports claimed he had assaulted his girlfriend. 

(★BREAKING) Super Junior’s Kangin physically assaults girlfriend, Police are called in

The secondary reports said that he wasn’t at a bar but actually at a room salon establishment.

The girl he hit was also unknown if she was Kangin’s girlfriend or a working girl at the room salon. 

(★BREAKING) Kangin Assaulted A Girl At Alleged Sex Brothel, Kangin currently missing

On top of all this, Kangin’s agency, SM Entertainment said that he was unreachable and his whereabouts were unknown since the incident. 

We will release a full statement when we know more about the situation later on.

At the moment however, we are unable to contact Kangin.

— SM Entertainment

Kangin was finally found and his agency released a statement to address his assault scandal, on his behalf. 

“First of all, we want to apologize for causing so much trouble.

At the establishment, Kangin was having a small argument with his friend and a misunderstanding caused the authorities to get called and involved.

When the authorities came, Kangin and the other party apologized for each other’s actions.

The trouble was resolved completely at the establishment.

We apologize for causing trouble when he is currently in his self-reflection period [from previous incidents].

— SM Entertainment

Source: Sports Chosun