Kangnam Shares About His Married Life With Lee Sang Hwa And Reveals How Much He Gets Paid For Work

She apparently earns more than him.

Celebrity personality and singer Kangnam recently guest-starred on KBS Coolfm‘s radio show hosted by Park Myung Soo and shared updates about his married life with athlete Lee Sang Hwa. He also wittily shared his current income and plans for their upcoming anniversary.

Park Myung Soo apologized for not being able to attend Kangnam’s wedding, but it turns out that Kangnam was unable to invite him in the first place, due to not knowing Park Myung Soo’s phone number.

He also joked that Lee Sang Hwa must like it that Kangnam is home all the time, due to not having many schedules, to which the singer replied that it did indeed bring them closer together. As their one year anniversary is coming up, Kangnam was worried on how to celebrate it. Park Myung Soo suggested on buying a handbag for Lee Sang Hwa, as he did for his own wife back then.

On the topic of salary and income, Kangnam revealed that since there are no events recently, he only can earn from appearances on TV shows. Although it is enough to get by, Lee Sang Hwa currently earns more than him as she is the star of many CFs. Although he was unable to reveal the exact numbers, Kangnam shared that he earns enough to eat four portions of prime cut rib-eye Korean beef once every three days.

Kangnam married two-time Olympic gold medalist, Lee Sang Hwa in August 2019 after blessings from fans, friends and family.

Source: Newsen