Kang Sunghoon Suspected Of Posting Malicious Comments About Celebrities And Sechs Kies Members

“Rain that bastard has stinking breath!”

Former Sechs Kies member Kang Sunghoon is being suspected of posting malicious comments under articles about fellow celebrities and Sechs Kies members.

On May 14, various online communities revealed the malicious comments Kang Sunghoon allegedly posted on various articles. Kang Sunghoon had previously revealed his personal ID when he commented on a fan’s blog.

win***: This is Hoonie. I had a good time looking. I’m touched.

Fan: Omg…is this a dream? I’ll support you forever, my love.


Assuming that this ID was Kang Sunghoon’s personal ID, online community users found comments written by this ID and discovered that he had posted malicious comments about g.o.d, Rain, Tae Jin Ah, G-Dragon, Kim Tae Hee and even the members from his former group, Sechs Kies.

Rain that bastard has stinking breath! He was famous among singers. Everyone who used the mic that bastard used after him fainted. How terrible it must’ve been…


Rain, that idiot is so ugly. I’m disappointed in Kim Tae Hee.

Kim Tae Hee, break up with Rain!! You don’t look good together and Rain used to be a backup dancer?


The same ID has even made a supportive comment on an article about Kang Sunghoon.

Netizen: Does he even have fans? The normal ones probably already left so what an excuse. He made a threat on his fan cafe and now he’s complaining to his fans on his public Instagram. I didn’t know he was this bad.

win8****: There are thousands of fans still waiting for him. Please go and focus on your job if you have time to comment like this here.


It has not yet been confirmed whether this ID (win8****) is Kang Sunghoon or not, but the screenshots of the comments are quickly spreading online.

Meanwhile, Kang Sunghoon has recently been under fire for demeaning the visuals of recent idols and for holding a beauty pageant within his fan club members.