Kangta’s Model Ex-Girlfriend Assures Fans That She’s Okay Following His Relationship News

She explained her stance on the matter when fans expressed their worry.

H.O.T Kangta‘s ex-girlfriend, Woo Joo Ahn, who is a racing model, recently spoke up about her stance on his relationship news with actress Jung Yu Mi.

Woo Joo Ahn’s message reads as follows:

I don’t think I’m in a position to receive worry, but thank you to those who are worried about me. I always try to do my best, but I’m always lacking. So it’s a relief that I have people looking out for me.

For months, I had the thought of, ‘Damn it, I’m screwed’, but hid that thought deep inside my head and just tried to work hard. Actually, I think I just kept moving without thinking at all.

My brand might be small, but I worked hard to prepare it and released its fall and winter lines. Even when I had to go back to shooting, I wanted to run away, but thanks to your support, I was able to enjoy my work again.

I ended up going back to broadcasting late, but I’m doing it happily now.

I think this is all thanks to my fans.

If I hadn’t heard such warm words from fans when I almost lost the things I liked such as modeling, design, projects, and learning music, I never would have started or kept going, which would have made me into a fool.

I’m sorry for worrying all of you, and thank you.

Thank you for returning the love and making me into someone who can feel thankful.

And I’ll continue to work hard for my fans and friends so that I won’t disappoint you.

Thank you for all your DMs expressing your worry about me.

You don’t have to worry about me anymore.

– Woo Joo Ahn

Ahead of this message, Kangta and Jung Yu Mi confirmed that they are indeed dating.

According to the reports, Kangta and Jung Yu Mi grew closer through their hobby of hiking, and while they used to be friends, their friendship developed into something more.

Woo Joo Ahn stirred up controversy last August by sharing a video of her being physically intimate with Kangta. Meanwhile, dating rumors between Kangta and Jung Yu Mi surfaced, leading to more controversy when broadcaster Oh Jeong Yeon raised suspicions of cheating.

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제가 걱정 받을 일이 아닌데 덧없는 걱정들 감사드립니다 저라는 사람은 참 잘해보려고는 하는데 부족합니다ㅜㅠ 그럼에도 불구하고 항상 격려해주는 주변분들이 계셔서 얼마나 다행인지 모릅니다 근 몇개월동안 아 다 망했다..라는 생각을 머릿속 가장 깊숙히 숨겨두고 일단 그냥 열심히라는 생각..음 아니 생각도 그냥 치워버리고 움직였던 것 같아요 하고있던 브랜드도 적은규모지만 열심히 준비해서 가을 겨울을 내보냈고 촬영에 다시 복귀할 때에도 도망가고 싶은 심정이었는데 배려해 주셔서 이제는 다시 잘 즐기며 일할수 있게되었어요 방송에 가장 늦게 복귀하게 됬지만 행복하게 소통하고 있어요 이것들 모두 다 팬분들 덕이라고 생각합니다 제가 놓칠뻔한 하고싶은 일들 모델, 디자인, 기획, 근래에는 음악을 배우는 일조차 팬분들의 응원과 후원 따뜻한 말들이 없었더라면 시작도 지속도 하지못했을 뿐더러 저는 감사함에도 감사하지 못하는 멍청한 사람이 되었을 것 같아요 언제나 걱정끼쳐드려서 정말 죄송하고 감사합니다 작은 저의 활동에도 사랑으로 되돌려주시고 감사함을 느낄수 있는 사람이 되게해주셔서 또 고맙습니다 느리고 작게나마 성실하게 팬분들께 회사에 지인들께 노력하며 저라는 컨텐츠 안팎으로 실망드리지 않게 살게요 . . 걱정해주시는 디엠과 카톡들 모두 감사드립니다 이제 그만 주셔도 되요..^^..

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