KARA Reportedly In Discussions For 15 Year Anniversary Special Comeback

New music from KARA?!?

KARA is reportedly in discussions to have a special comeback to celebrate their 15 year anniversary.

KARA | @gyuri_88/Instagram

According to an exclusive report from JTBC, KARA gathered together on June 13 to discuss the possibility of reuniting as a group to release content for their 15 year anniversary. Potential content releases could include a digital single.

KARA | @gyuri_88/Instagram

The report also stated that DSP Media and its parent company RBW would participate in this potential reunion. The KARA members agreed they want to provide a gift to their fans for their 15 year anniversary and June 11 was their anniversary date, known as Kamilia Day, so they have been steadily holding meetings about potential content to release.

I know they have been meeting often. The members have discussed it amongst themselves.

Since each member is in different agencies and the requirements are not the same for each one, they have to discuss it in great detail.

I know the members have a lot of affection for KARA and want to hold a one-time event for their meaningful 15 year anniversary.

— Insider

KARA | @gyuri_88/Instagram

Due to various internal circumstances, releasing content on Kamilia Day was unsuccessful, but they still were able to share group pictures for their fans. Should KARA be able to reunite and release an anniversary single, they may also coincide with Girls’ Generation’s 15 year anniversary album. The two groups are known to be close, appearing on countless television programs together.

DSP Media has since confirmed they are in discussions for special activities, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Source: JTBC and DSP