KARA Gives Special Shoutout To A Dear Person During Their Speech At The “2023 Seoul Music Awards”

OT6 forever.

Girl group KARA was awarded the Special K-Pop Award at the 2023 Seoul Music Awards. The ceremony was held on January 19, 2023. As a girl group recently passed their 15th anniversary, they deserve the award and more.

KARA practically paved the road for K-Pop stars in Japan, topping the Oricon charts. They were the first K-Pop group to hold a Tokyo Dome concert. With their comeback in 2022 for their 15th Anniversary, they also continued to place first on music shows, making the group all the more iconic.

At the awards show, they gave a speech to thank their fans. Not only did they express their gratitude for those who helped them ascend to their position, but they also gave a special shoutout to a dear person.

Firstly, it’s been a while since we’ve been to such an event, so I don’t know what to say but… Last year, in 2022, we released an album for our 15th anniversary, and we didn’t know that we would receive such love for it. We poured our hearts into the album and song, so we want to thank the fans who gave it lots of love, everyone here, and everyone who helped us release the album. There’s also a friend who couldn’t be here today with us. We will receive this award happily, together with her.


The special person the members refer to is naturally Goo Hara, a group member during its peak. Despite the huge love she received from the members and fans, she made the sad decision to leave the world in 2019.