KARA Uploads New Group Photos For The First Time In 6 Years To Celebrate Their 15th Anniversary

Congratulations to the girls.

Girl group KARA delighted fans when they updated their personal Instagrams with a group photo. For the first time ever, new member Heo Youngji was spotted with ex-members Kang Jiyoung and Nicole Jung. The latter two had left the group and company to pursue individual careers. Heo Youngji joined the group later on through a selection program. It looks like their friendship is as strong as ever though!

The photos were uploaded to celebrate the girls’ 15th debut anniversary. Although their proper anniversary falls on March 29, the girls only managed to gather in June. Along with touching captions, the girls uploaded a series of gorgeous photos.

| @gyuri_88/Instagram

You guys have waited for a long time, right? Congratulations on Kamilia day! Congrats on the 15th anniversary, #Kamilia and #KARA! Thank you and Congratulations!

— Han Seungyeon

| @gyuri_88/Instagram

In honor of KARA’s 15th anniversary, we all gathered in congratulations. It was the first time that everyone who had promoted under the KARA name celebrated, talked, and laughed together, and as we comforted each other through our feelings of resignation, we found new hope that we could all be a little happier.

Congratulations once more on Kamilia day, and KARA’s 15th anniversary. I’m always grateful and I love you.

— Park Gyuri

| @gyuri_88/Instagram

Happy Kamilia Day!

— Kang Jiyoung

| @gyuri_88/Instagram

Kamilia Day.

— Nicole Jung

| @gyuri_88/Instagram

KAMILIA DAY and KARA’s 15th anniversary. Congratulations and thank you.

— Heo Youngji

| @gyuri_88/Instagram

The girls look thriving and glowing!

| @gyuri_88/Instagram

Not too long ago, fans were suspicious that the group might have a reunion or a comeback, with the ex-members and Youngji suddenly following each other on Instagram. While we’re not sure now if a comeback is truly in the works, it seems like the girls had a delightful time together!

| @gyuri_88/Instagram


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