KARA Park Gyuri’s Cryptic Instagram Posts Worries Fans

“I’m just looking because I miss you…”

Former KARA member Park Gyuri‘s (also known as Gyuri) Instagram story has some fans worried for the idol.

Park Gyuri | @gyuri_88/Instagram

The idol uploaded an Instagram story in the early morning of August 2. In her story, Park Gyuri wrote a caption that had fans worried.

Park Gyuri’s Instagram story | @gyuri_88/Instagram

I am walking down a road I told myself I would never again go down. It seems I don’t have many choices in my life.

— Park Gyuri

The idol then uploaded a selfie to her Instagram feed. The picture seems to show the idol with tears in her eyes. The caption for the picture gave a glimpse into Park Gyuri’s feelings.

I’m just looking because I miss you.

— Park Gyuri

Fans are concerned for the singer as she recently appeared on a TV show where she admitted she struggled with suicidal thoughts when fellow member Goo Hara passed away.

Fans rallied to her page to remind her that her fans loved her.

  • “Gyuri, you’ve accomplished so much already. You’re so much cooler than you know. Good night.”
  • “Gyuri, why is someone as cool as you crying ㅠㅠ?”
  • “I always miss you Park Gyuri <3. Whenever you are struggling, come visit your fans. We’ll pick you back up.”
  • “I hope us rooting for you isn’t a burden. With that said, I’d carefully like to say that we will always wait for you. Nuna, just take care of yourself. I’ll always love you.”

Hopefully Gyuri remembers she is loved by fans all around the world.

KARA members from top left: Han Seungyeon, Heo Youngji, Park Gyuri. From bottom left: Nicole Jung and Kang Jiyoung. | @gyuri_88/Instagram
| @gyuri_88/Instagram

Park Gyuri debuted in 2007 with KARA. The group would go on to become a formidable challenger to Girls’ Generation and the Wonder Girls for second-generation supremacy among girl groups. Although the group disbanded in 2016, former group member Nicole recently confirmed the group is discussing a comeback for the group’s 15th anniversary.

Source: @gyuri_88/Instagram