Netizens Regret Praising Idol-Turned-Actress’s Beauty After Learning About The Ugly Truth Behind It

Her “prettiest” era was also when she suffered a lot.

The visual standards for K-Pop idols are a much-talked-about territory, even outside the industry. A lot of the time, idols suffer behind the scenes to look their best on camera, and much of it happens while their fans are clueless about this struggle.

Recently, an interview with KARA member and actress Han Seungyeon resurfaced on Korean online forums, where she talked about getting a “reality check” after receiving praise for her beauty while she was severely unhealthy.

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Seungyeon | @thesy88/Instagram

In the 2021 interview, the idol-turned-actress shed light on how her lifestyle changed drastically after making the career jump from being an idol to an actress. She confessed that being an idol entailed following such a strict regime that made her feel inhumane. Seungyeon mentioned that she could neither eat nor sleep properly and would get IVs or injections if she got tired or sick.

I lived only for the stage, without considering my physical condition or mental health at all. I wore tight-fitting clothes 365 days a year. During “Mr.” the stage costumes were as big as the palm of your hand. My first meal would be a small piece of chocolate at 10 pm.

— Han Seungyeon

Aside from these intense living conditions, Seungyeon also mentioned a particular period of her idol life when she realized exactly how impossible such standards were. In 2014, when KARA was promoting “Mamma Mia,” the idol was at her lowest weight ever. Though she never thought herself to be overweight, the increased number of compliments she received at that time while being at her most unhealthy lifestyle served as a wake-up call.

I got a lot of compliments about how good I looked, when I was extremely underweight at the time. It was a reality check.

— Han Seungyeon

She admitted that though her body was looking “pretty” from the outside at that time, her insides were completely in shambles.

My weekly carbohydrate intake was very low. It was around 10 sheets of rice paper. Though I had a pretty body, later my skin started to deteriorate and my allergies started getting worse. I ran around in heels all day, so I had bad ankles.

— Han Seungyeon

A netizen compiled some of the most iconic looks by Han Sungyeon during her “Mamma Mia” era, along with an excerpt from the old interview on TheQoo on February 20, KST.

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The post quickly went viral, with many regretting that they praised her “beauty” during that time without knowing the struggles she went through to have a body like that.

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| theqoo
  • “Idols’ body standards are becoming really similar to the models’.”
  • “She must have been in so much pain and exhaustion because she couldn’t eat. But if that’s when everyone starts telling you that you’re pretty, it would feel a little weird.”
  • “She worked really hard. T-T”
  • “It must have been difficult.”
  • “No, but her shape is considered normal for female idols. And most of them are even skinnier these days. I guess they want idols to be as skeletal as possible.”
Source: Newsen and theqoo


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