Here’s How KARA’s Han Seungyeon Felt When People Told Her She Looked Pretty Despite Being Underweight

She’s happier now as an actress.

Former KARA‘s Han Seungyeon recently revealed the difficulties that she faced as a singer. In an interview dated September 9, 2022, she recounted her days as part of one of Korea’s hottest girl groups.

She summarized her time as a girl group member in a single sentence — “I spent it entirely tenaciously.” She had no choice but to be a little bit more intense than most during that time.

Seungyeon during KARA’s promotions for “Mister”. | Mnet

Seungyeon wasn’t able to sleep or eat during that time. When she fell sick, she was sent to get an IV drip and had to continue her schedules right after. But a part of this couldn’t be blamed on her company. She had to remain intense to fight for a spot at the top.

I didn’t take into consideration my mental or physical state at all and lived for the stage. I wore tight-fitting clothes 365 days a year. During our promotions for “Mister”, most of our clothes were so tiny. I had a small bar of chocolate around 10pm as my first meal and that was it.

— Seungyeon

She was absolutely underweight by the time promotions for “MAMMA MIA” rolled around in 2014. That was the lowest weight she had hit ever.

Seungyeon during “MAMMA MIA”. | Sports Today

I was severely underweight back then but many people praised me and told me I was pretty. I got a reality check then. The amount of carbs I ate in a week was very low. It was probably less than 10 pieces of rice paper. My figure became prettier but my skin got worse later and I got severe allergies. It wasn’t healthy. Plus, running around all day in heels made my ankles bad too.

— Seungyeon

As an actress, she’s now a lot healthier and happier. Although she claims to have never played a “pretty” role, she prefers it because she gets to wear comfy clothes and sneakers. She credits her improvement in health thanks to the shift in her career.

Source: Newsen via Daum