KARA’s Young Ji and GOT7’s Jackson to appear as special guests on Sunny’s radio show

KARA member Heo Young Ji and GOT7 member Jackson Wang will be showing their loyal friendship with fellow Roommate Sunny, making a special guest appearance on Girls’ Generation member Sunny’s radio show MBC FM4U Sunny’s FM Date on October 4th!

The three of them, Young Ji, Jackson, and Sunny, are casts of ongoing SBS variety show Roommate and they have grown closer to one another through the show as they live under the same roof under the show’s concept. Young Ji and Jackson will be participating in the “Star’s Answer” corner of Sunny’s radio show. We can look forward towards the three in sharing interesting stories that happen among them while they film for Roommate – Season 2.

Meanwhile, Roommate – Season 2 will be moving to a new broadcasting timeslot to Tuesdays at 11:15pm, starting on November 25th.

KARA kickstarted their KARASIA Japan tour a few days ago, which is their first public tour in Japan after regrouping with new member Young Ji. GOT7 is also rumored to be preparing for a possible comeback, while Jackson will be reuniting with project group Big Byung for season two of variety show Hit Maker.

Be sure to tune in to Sunny’s FM Date radio at 8pm today!

Source: MyDaily